Avan Fleece Jacket

Color: True Navy
Size: 7-9y
Sale price$129.00


The first eco-friendly fleece that can be washed with a good green conscience! We at namuk consider sustainability not only a duty, but an obligation; not a trend, but a new tradition. With the Avan fleece jacket, we’re taking a determined leap toward the future. The super comfortable jacket, which can be worn comfortably under a water-repellent layer, is made of BIO Primaloft fleece - an absolute first. The material is made of 100% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) synthetic fibers and ultimately biodegrades back to its natural elements – not, of course, before keeping a couple generations of kids warm while playing hide-and-seek, building huts and flying kites – not to mention withstanding dozens of wash cycles without contributing to microplastic pollution like most fleece gear!

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