The Best Bar in Every Grosse Pointe

 It’s no secret that Grosse Pointers love to drink. And we’ve all heard about the great breweries in Grand Rapids to the fantastic mixology venues in the reclaimed alleys of Detroit. But it’s time we established the best spot in each Grosse Pointe. So wait no further, here they are!

Grosse Pointe Park - Ye Olde Tap Room

I know exactly what you’re thinking...ThAt’s tEcHnicAlly iN deTRoit! I don’t care. When I’m bar hopping on Charlevoix I’m going to Ye Olde Tap. There’s no better beer selection on the Eastside. Okay maybe the Shores Inn, but since I’m not looking for Ladies Bingo Night with DJ Paulie Shorian I’ll be at the Tap. This bar is raw and unwavering. Drop the peanut shells on the floor, they don’t care. The history of each pour is plastered on the walls. Their patio is great, the staff is fantastic, and you gotta love the food truck on Mondays. This will always be a staple of the Charlevoix strip and it deserves accolades.

Grosse Pointe - Old Pony Martini Bar


What other bar could get Camper Dan to campout in the middle of winter to be the first one in. Though the Old Pony is presented as a Martini Bar the real star of the show is that Burger...and those fries...the loaded Tachos also need a callout. The food’s great. But so are the drinks, the atmosphere and the music. They put plenty of work into those signature martini’s and they do shine with bold and unique flavors. The only drawback here is the small size. But if you get a table you’re guaranteed a good time.

Grosse Pointe Farms - Irish Coffee Bar & Grille

Another bar with a great burger. The most captivating part of Irish Coffee is that time stops here. With no windows and a wait staff that keeps your glass full there what need is there for time though? Just beware if you head here for lunch though. Stepping out the dimly lit Irish is not unlike the first time man stepped out of his cave blinking in the intense daylight, you might just turn back around and never leave.

Grosse Pointe Woods - Churchill’s Bistro Cigar Bar

Though it isn’t a Grosse Pointe original it's hard to beat the experience you can have at Churchill’s. Not much beats a good cigar and an Old Fashioned. Throw in a steak and plenty of TV’s to watch the game from and you’d swear you died and went to heaven. If cigars aren’t your thing then I get it. They do a fantastic job circulating the air but maybe Telly’s is the place for you. If cigars are your thing then you already know about Churchill’s and might even have a box there. Though you might not find yourself there every week, treat yourself and get over to Churchill’s.

Grosse Pointe Shores - Grosse Pointe Yacht Club: Gazebo Bar

And the winner by default is the Gazebo Bar.Is there anywhere else to even grab a drink in the Shores? Seriously, asking for a friend. It’s probably a fine bar and has some great tiki drinks or something. Not to mention if you are there grabbing a drink you’re probably going sailing or bowling or something, which is cool. But that’s really all I can say about it.

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